The Science of Flourishing

Well-Being Skills for Daily Life


Join Dr. Richie Davidson and the HMI team to explore the science of flourishing and how to cultivate a calm mind, an open heart, a healthy sense of self, and a daily life anchored in meaning and purpose. 
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About this course

The Science of Flourishing is an online, self-paced course designed to help you understand the skills of well-being, the science behind them, and how to apply those skills in your daily life. You'll get 6 modules, 29 videos, and 4+ hours of instruction to support you on your path to flourishing. 

Skills for Daily Life

Transform your daily routine with practical applications of the Healthy Minds Framework to practice the skills of well-being.

Build Habits that Stick

Dive deeper into the Healthy Minds Framework of well-being—awareness, connection, insight, and purpose.

The Science of Well-being

Learn about the science-backed benefits of the practices of well-being from Healthy Minds scientists and expert guides.

Who This Course Is For

Whether you're:

  • Curious about the science of well-being
  • Brand new to meditation and well-being practices, or want to deepen your skills in your daily life
  • Looking for tools to support your mental health*
  • Seeking a sense of community with like-minded people
  • A therapist, teacher, or coach who wants to bring science-backed practices to your clients

You’ll discover how to:

  • Undo chronic stress and emotional reactivity and strengthen self-regulation
  • Cultivate an open heart to nurture thriving relationships
  • Develop curiosity and greater self-knowledge
  • Connect with an ongoing source of motivation
  • Develop daily meditation practice with support from a Healthy Minds habit expert and coach
*Please note that this program is not a substitute for professional mental health treatment and does not diagnose or treat illness. If you have questions, consult with your mental health provider before beginning the program.
I could not even begin to describe the peace I have received from this program. I have learned so much about myself in the few minutes I spend each day in practice…The program has helped me to live in the moment and appreciate the small nuances in life that often go unnoticed.
Debbie B
I love this program! It's aided me in getting into a habit of meditation. It's easy to use, and has a clear guided path to follow.
Josh Stobbard
Research-based approach to mindfulness, meditation, and mental health. An amazing program that really helped me with my mental health, attention problems, and a general sense of fulfillment and self-love.
 Natasa K
Our team

Meet Your Instructors

Stephanie Wagner, MA, NBC-HWC
Lead Trainer, Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Curriculum Specialist at Healthy Minds Innovations
Richie Davidson, PhD
Founder and Chief Visionary, Healthy Minds Innovations; Founder & Director, Center for Healthy Minds 
Rev. Ronné Wingate Sims, PhD
Ordained Baptist minister and Assistant Director of Religious Diversity, Justice and Outreach at University of San Francisco
Cortland Dahl, PhD
Chief Contemplative Officer, Healthy Minds Innovations; Research Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds
Jay Vidyarthi
Technologist, UX Designer, and Meditation Guide and Healthy Minds Innovations
Daniela Labra Cardero
 Founding Partner and General Director of AtentaMente, Meditation Guide at Healthy Minds Innovations
“The benefits of meditation can be experienced through developing a consistent practice and this is where many struggle. During this course, you will learn how to transform things happening in your daily life—even challenging moments—into opportunities to practice. You can’t get rid of the difficulties in your life, but you can transform your relationship to them through turning them into opportunities to train your mind."
Stephanie Wagner
 Lead Trainer, How to Flourish
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